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Trust our Medicare team at Arizona Insurance & Retirement Services to help you prepare for future health care expenses. We offer education so that our clients know how and when to enroll in Medicare Parts A and B. We help them find the best Part D Prescription Plans for their medications, and we offer the full line of supplemental Medigap plans available today.

  • Did you know that Open Enrollment for Medigap begins 6 months prior to your 65th birthday month?

  • Do you know the differences between Original Medicare and Medicare Advantage Plans?

When it's time to enroll, or if you're already on Medicare and want to explore different options for Medicare Supplements or Advantage Plans, we're here to help. We can simplify the whole process of setting up your coverage so that you get the most benefits with the lowest out-of-pocket expenses. We believe this could be the health care insurance you have for the rest of your life, so it has to be right for your NOW and in the FUTURE.

Every situation is unique, and every person has different health care needs . Get a full preview of ALL your Medicare or Health benefits, rights, entitlements and options from the experts at Arizona Insurance & Retirement Services. 

Medicare Parts A, B, C and D

Medicare Education

We offer a variety of different coverage options and companies. If you do not see what you are looking for on our website, please call us and we will get you the information you are requesting promptly!

Medicare Medigap Supplements

Medicare Supplements

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